Srushti Farms


of celebrating Diwali with your family & friends @ Srushti Farms Resort
Srushti Farms is celebrating Diwali and long weekend with lots of events and fun activities. You can choose your holiday package which suits you and accordingly check which events and fun activities you can enjoy.


Bubble Show


Tattoo Art


Magic Show

Live Singing

Fire work Show

Adivasi Dance

DJ Night

Nail Art

Candlelight Dinner

Rain Dance

Sky Gazing


Diwali Game

Celebrating Diwali at a srushti farms resort

There are many perks to celebrating Diwali at a srushti farms resort. Especially when you want to throw a fun Diwali party for your friends and family. Diwali is most fun when celebrated with your loved ones. The gatherings, food, laughter is what completes the whole tradition. Here are some reasons you MUST consider celebrating Diwali at a resort this year.